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Hip Hop Artist and Producer from Chicago, Illinois. Discography includes "Vinyl Destiny", "Touch of Vinyl", "Freaky Circles" and "Guardian Of Destiny" just to name a few alums.

Born in Coamo, Puerto Rico and was raised in Lowell, Ma and Chicago, IL. Introduced to Hip Hop by BEAT STREET the movie he became a Graffiti artist/bomber aka KID KIX, KIXTER. Infamous for creating mass damage to Chicago's Transportation Authority, Tony was considered a menance and a bounty was put on him by Robert Agone whom was captain of the Graffiti Task unit. Tony put away his spray cans and griffen and elevated to another genere of the HIP HOP culture.

Tony Vinyl became a producer and artist and has colabo with numerous artist from USA, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
1.)That song was produced by TONY VINYL.

2.) Whats up kid , you got a Touch of Tony Vinyl.
by dakayotical 1 January 07, 2010
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