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A grumpy farmer type person; a stingy individual; an old man
He's a right tommo!
by Alex Horgan February 04, 2004
Acronym T.O.M.M.O. - "That Other Massively Multiplayer Online game." This acronym refers to World of Warcraft (WoW) and is used by forum posters on other MMO boards and related sites when wishing to speak about WoW but without actually invoking its name in order to avoid moderation.

TOMMO is used interchangeably with the phrase, "That other MMO that shall not be named."
"TOMMO fanbois are the village idiots on any internet forum."

"Shh! We must not speak of TOMMO... the moderators go psycho and get ban blisters on their index fingers around here when someone does."
#wow #world of warcraft #mmo #mmorpg #internet slang
by LAERIS October 08, 2012
A Tommo... A shrek like creature that has normal skin tone as it is missing the green pigment known as flabbersthickskin
Tommo... a simple yet lovable creature almost identical to the disney character known as shrek although Tommo is best known for its spanner juggling routine and catch phrase 'enough of this shite'.
Tommos sometimes respond the the name grease monkey
pile ons are best intigated by a Tommo.
#shrek #fireman #fat #flab #lazy #green #skin #spanner juggler
by DIZZYskin December 09, 2007
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