Defined as Total Nigger Bullshit. It is the behaviour of entitlement accompanied by loud obnoxiuos and overall rude behaviour common to the species.
Ron Artest jumped into the stands and beat up a fan ... talk about a major load of TNB!
by Mr. JPG July 10, 2008
Tooted and Booted.

When a girl has sex w a guy(toot), and all the guy wants is the sex, so she gets the boot.

Sorta like "wham bam thank you mam."
Chris: "Yo, i tnb'd Rhiana last night"
Josh: "for real?? How'd she take the boot?"
Chis: "Idk i just gave her the wrong number."
by REAL LOVE BITCHH November 04, 2010
Taking Niggas Bitches
"Yo, D Soulja just did some serious TNB and grabbed Tw33yz girl.
by JohnnYxCorE August 11, 2010
Titties 'n Beer
Joe: Tonight's plan is TnB

Bob: Nice, I'll bring the beer and u can invite ur mom
by usdesikid May 05, 2010
THE NASTY BOYS - The Nasty Boys was a Bronx gang that started off in Yonkers, New York around 1977.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
Tnb = the new beginner fuckers when u see us walk in pvp world your ass knows your fucked
I was walking around with my pixals then i saw tnb my ass got scared n fucking ran before i got raped
by tyyt6 January 19, 2009
Short for Tuesday Night Bandits. A crazy group of fools.
Don't anger the TNB, they will shank you.
by N February 01, 2005
Acronym for "trust no bitch". Often used with the acronym bbh.
1) Dude, tnb.
2) g2g, tnb bbh.
by Mr-Female August 09, 2006

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