Short for Typical Mexican Operation - a situation that is low-grade, make-shift, or just plain fucked-up because of the involvement of Mexicans.
I went Papas n' Bear - talk about a TMO, those fuckin' beaners were trying to fix the mechanical bull with a coat hanger and a chicken bone.
by Logan Earth Ski November 01, 2005
Top Definition
"Then a Miracle Occurs..."
An abbreviation used ito simplify a mathematical problem when one's too lazy or clueless to think of the actual justification.
- Question Nr. 5 - Show mathematically that mass and energy are equivalent.

"Um, lets see,

E = 0.5mv^2

m = F/a = Ft /s^2

So E = 0.5Ft/s^2*v^2


Hence E = mc^2

Yep, sounds fine to me."
by luonaifu November 08, 2009
Short for Topless Make Out. (Coined in the novel CUBICLE COWBOY by Jeff Metzger.)
"No, I didn't sleep with her, just enjoyed a TMO."
by Jack Duluoz April 08, 2007
short for "tomorrow". originally only used online by the kind of person who writes like "wut ^" but it expanded and now is said in everyday real life conversation and frequently used by people who type like an actual intellegent person online.

prounced "tee-moe"
example 1:"hi sup gurl w4nna hand owt tmo?!!!!@1one"
example 2:"hey, what's up? let's hang out tmo!"
by gracieeee October 11, 2007
A slightly altered version of IMO standing for That's My Opinion.
The Seattle Seahawks suck TMO.
by Baer XIII December 10, 2008
Short for "Total Mad Ownage"

see "Total Mad Ownage"

You got Tmo'd

I TMO you
by Iverson January 03, 2003
A short species of Irish decent, typically good at speling.
"T-mo your word is sculpin."

*bell rings* A disappointed 14 year old boy with a full grown mustache exits the spelling stage with a defeated look upon his face.
by Scripps September 20, 2009
Too Much Office. A quick response to anyone who states "that's what she said." in the normal course of dialogue. Usually this phrase is used to construe a crude meaning from the other speakers last statement and is a clear indication that they are heavily influenced by the Michael Scott character from the American television show, The Office.
A: God, I love watching Kobe shoot it in the hole.
B: Dude, that's what she said!
A: TMO, man.
B: Huh?
A: Too Much Office.
B: Oh, I see your clever play on words. I admire your wit, sir.
by Rocksotheclown September 04, 2010
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