tap my jack , meaning text me or hit me up .
Facebook Status : Finna log off so tmj !
by Niqueeeeeee April 25, 2011
Acronym for Too Much Johnson
My girlfriend bought me new jeans for Christmas, but they were really tight in the crotch. Must be TMJ.
by 900eof January 04, 2008
A dentist's code for feeling up your titties. If you get a horny dentist, he'll ask to check your TMJ and then he'll touch you inappropriately.

Dentist: Cindy, let me check your TMJ

Cindy: ok...

(Dentist feels her up)

Cindy: NOOOOOOOOO!! I have a boyfriend!!
by bojzzle April 01, 2009
-Too Much Jjina.
-jjina-- vagina
-When the pubic hair is visiblee
-aka Too much vagina
You can see she has TMJ by looking at her bikini.
by Brother Ape June 23, 2008
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