"Too much fun"; to be used with the phrase "We may have had a little bit TMF last night/yesterday/on the cruise/etc." The story following TMF is generally one involving alcohol and/or awkward sexual moments in one's life and saying "a little bit TMF" abridges that long story in the company of one's parents or others who maybe shouldn't know the story.
Person #1: "How was Mike's party last night?"
Person #2: "I think we all had a little bit TMF..."
by Ian Moone Anon August 18, 2011
When a product or service has Too Much Facebook integration.
That new web browser RockMelt is totally TMF.
by unraveledweb November 08, 2010
Tappin my foot
Loving this song! TMF'n!! vibin

Love the road trips! This radio's got me TMF'n! chillin
by suavesweetie February 18, 2010
T-Masta-Flex to describe someone cool or strong.
that guy over there is tmf he stole a car
by TMFG July 17, 2009
Too Much Fun!!!!

When you go out of an evening, or hang out with your bestest and have so much fun that there is a risk of reaching the limit and beyond....
(there's a hand gesture too -
make the letter "T"
then "M"
then, wave your hands in the air like you are having TMF!!!!!!)
Fancy a bit of TMF later...We are off dancing!

"Man, How much fun was last night?""
"I know!!! Too Much Fun!!! TMF baby!"
by Alana Charlie January 15, 2009
Too Much Fun. Three letter acronym originally the name of a graffiti crew from Melbourne, Australia.
Word yo, that Tinman is TMF!
by fle_task2 May 23, 2007
An abbreviation for the phrase "Too Much Face", which is commonly used in some relation to the phrase "Too Much Information".
Random Kid Looks at Random Ugly Kid

Random Kid: "Ahhh! TMF"

Random Ugly Kid: "What's that supposed to mean?"
by Sharon's Daughter May 04, 2009

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