An abbreviation for the phrase "Too Much Face", which is commonly used in some relation to the phrase "Too Much Information".
Random Kid Looks at Random Ugly Kid

Random Kid: "Ahhh! TMF"

Random Ugly Kid: "What's that supposed to mean?"
by Sharon's Daughter May 04, 2009
Top Definition
Used when someone has Too Much Forehead. Also known as a fivehead.
"Dude, check out that hottie!"

"Naw man, TMF."
by hppeeves May 21, 2009
Today mothafucka
Used when trying to urge someone to move quickly
1. Impatiently waiting for his burger, john yells out "today mothafucka" at the people making his food
2. Friend texts, "wait, i have to change my shoes" you text back, "tmf"
by lovelylucinda August 05, 2013
Short for Too Much Face. A term used by many women that greatly prefer a man with a beard over one without.
Hey Sarah, did you see Justin lately?! Yeah, TMF! He needs to grow that beard back!
by ohtopdx May 11, 2013
Too Mucking Fuch actually means Too Much Fucking. which is a good thing. However when used in general public is more acceptable the Too Much Fucking. Kinda like FCUK get away with it but FUCK would not have worked. BLVD44, a nightclub in Montreal in montreal made this Acronym and catch phrase popular with their TOO MUCKING FUCH MONDAYS..
It's going down tonight at TMF Mondays

How was ur night?

by AfricanaDZ November 11, 2013
This Mother Fucker.
TMF is going to get his ass beat.
by Bactria January 20, 2012
total mind fuck.
Lyss: So did he just play you, or is he into you?
Kels: I dunno dude, that was a TMF.
by kdeuce17 July 27, 2011
Too much food.
You've eaten so much food, that you are feeling awful, frustrated and raging.
1. Shouldn't have ate that entire pizza myself.. I feel awful right now! tmf!

2. tmf! fml!
by highlightall April 06, 2011

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