Abbreviation for Tender Lovin' Fuck.
Clare Danes is most definitely a TLF, not an HF, as she is wholesome, sweet, and seemingly intelligent.
by Aaron January 26, 2004
Top Definition
tight little fanny.
peter mcgee loves TLF
by dottttttttttttttttttt May 02, 2009
totally love to fuck
mostly used for describing a really hot guy, but can be used for describing ladies as well.

similar to milf-mother id love to fuck
i'd tlf that hottie.
by dragonbackpack April 18, 2009
Too Late Family.
a Auckland city street gang known for violence and drug crime.
"yeah baby, TLF on the trap, Blau."
by Oh No Bruno October 26, 2011
Means "Twins Liberation Fund"
Free'n one pair at a time!
by Dj Nebula November 26, 2004
Abbreviation for "Those little fuckers"

commonly used by people who look after kids such as babysitters, camp councelors, day care workers, etc...

Preferably used directly in front of kids.
Oh man, arent TLF's awful? They're really harshing my buzz
Hey kid, go play in the broken glass. The grownups are talking.
by zero cool August 12, 2004
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