team killer.
this is for multiple reasons:
1: they abuse chat so much and are so up their own ass you shoot them at spawn
2: they like to kill people for no reason because theythink they are really hard.
3: you/they want a kill so bad they walk right infront of you while your firing, so you manage to cap them
4: blocking door so you frag them
they fire at you so you fire back unaware they have 2 health
5:they are in shaddowed areas in maps, so you walk around the corner and unload a clip on them wondering why it takes so long for them to die
6: they make you jump in a tense moment and yur finger is so close on the mouse that you accidentally mow them down
In battlefield 1942 they are called tking smacktards
me: fking n00b you tkd me again, learnt to aim do i look like a terrorist to you? im in a damn sas suit!
n00b: soz mate, but you walked into my fire
me: your fire? were @the spawn point!
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
Top Definition
Team Killer n.
A person who engages in intentionally or unintentionally killing teammates in online games. TKs are either unskilled or are trying to ruin the gaming experience for others. The latter can be summed up by the Battlefield 1942 term smacktard.
i TK u i TK u loooool!!11
i tH3 l337 Ov TK!!! looooool
by Gimli July 15, 2003
Onling gaming term for "team killer" or "team killing". Used verbally as well as in typing. The act of killing your own teammate rather than the enemy.
"The guy was blocking the door so I had to TK him".
by PecosBill May 23, 2003
In the Professional Printing Industry, TK on a work order means "to come".
300 copies, Originals TK
by Eagle4life69 February 27, 2009
When somone makes a joke, but then it's carried on beyond beleif; to the extent that it's fully and utterly killed.
somone is then at liberty to call a 'TK', and the job is done.
*after the joke has ended*
"And then i shagged your mum and she loved it!!"
by JONES_1994 November 10, 2010
Amazing. Great Personality. Not the most attractive guy but not ugly. Likes to have fun. Nerd in a good way. Cute, charming, humorous, and fun to be around. Chills with the guys but can hang with the girls if they beg him to. Can be a douche sometimes. Smart, and a great guy. Nice kisser too.
Girl 1: Where's TK?
Girl 2: Aww hes so cute!
Girl 1: I know right?
Girl 2: I love that kid.
by I-Love-Him July 08, 2011
adj: A word describing a total douche bag.
J: Look at that tool on his long board
M: What a TK
by thedude4545 June 06, 2011
Some Asshole That Likes To Fuck Up His Team's Score By Team Killing.
~That Faggot Keeps T-king
by 133t Haxor December 25, 2007
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