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Talk Junk Kid - A bro who says a lot of things that accumulate to very little.
Frat Bro 1: Hey Bra, Whassaby- No, dude I was totes there alllllday.
Frat Bro 2: Fasho Fuuushaawww. Bra you don't even know!

Onlooker 1: A couple of TJK's at 3 o'clock.
Onlooker 2: Totes.
by TJK Expert June 20, 2013
a guy who wears quicksilver trackies. acts like a dero and farts in public. all he has to say is "safety"

GIRL 1 - Hey, you look like a dero

TJK - *FARTS* im not a f*n dero

GIRL 2 - Lets get away from this disgusting pig

TJK - *BURP* yeah, F*** OFF!!
by superstar 111111 June 13, 2010
Someone who gets all the girls by flexing his amazingly large muscles in the mirror, and also is confused about their skin color.
Wow hes a pimp and is working out wada tjk
by Wild Cherry December 15, 2007
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