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TJF is short for "Typical Jonas Fatty"
A fangirl of the pop band The Jonas Brothers who is stereotypically fat, ugly, and has no friends. She believes that she is destined to marry one of the Jonas Brothers, and uses all of her spare time reading fanfics of them on the internet, mainly because she has no friends to occupy her time with.

Also see "Typical Twilight Fatty"
Did you see how TJF got visibly upset when we insulted the Jonas fags?

Tammi is such a TJF; she baked a Jonas Brothers cake and ate the whole thing herself.
by HcT-izzle October 26, 2008
That's Just Fucking Stupid
That bitch said she wanted to keep all the money. I told her TJFS
by TamaTra December 14, 2010
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