a term used to hide that someone is talking about a girls rack while in a group of people, usually girls

big o' titties
Hey, dude. 12 o'clock. chick in the black tee. those are some tiggobitties.
by automuffin August 31, 2010
Top Definition
biggo titties spelt switching the b's and the t's. Means big titties.
Double d cup size are considered tiggo bitties.
by D November 29, 2003
very large breasts on a sweet chick.
holy crap! she has TIGGO BITTIES!
by bill mackin September 20, 2005
a set of big ol' titties
Matt's mom has a set of big ol' titties
by Buckshot July 23, 2003
big ol' tittes
"That girl gots some tiggobitties"
by Dison January 31, 2004
some big ass titties: huge breasts
Damm!!! That girl got some TIGGO BITTIES!!
by THE DON RON August 05, 2003
nice big tits. atleast a double d. something you would want to stick your face in and just motorboat.
by ishy ba ba December 02, 2010
big 'ol titties. as in big breasts.
man, she got some tiggo bitties.
by Lyndsey Savannah September 29, 2007
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