A variation of the fist bump in which you bump the backs of your hands straight on.
Tiger Paw that shit out dog
by Squid29 September 17, 2010
Top Definition
Male version "camel toe". Most commonly found on male cyclist spandex abusers, not exclusive of;

heavy hair metal singers: Spinal tap
acid wash jean carnival wear - with accompanying mullett
wranglers will often show paw
straight-leg pant syndrome
The Fonz had retro tiger paw
Speedo Paw (european tourist)

Can be enhanced by a Cod Piece or even a sock.
"Check out the TIGER PAW on that guy!"

The film poster for The Outsiders showed tons of paw.

He has Swayze paw! i.e. Road House (Paw) Patrick was also pawing-it-up in Dirty Dancing.
by KC Natas August 20, 2007
The red-hand print left from a 'player' slapping the naked ass of a girl with whom he is not in a formal relationship but with whom he is engaging in sexual activity. Made famous by professional golfer Tiger Woods.
She sold pictures of the 'tiger paw' on her ass to the national enquirer.
by J Ho 2 June 17, 2010
to rub your knuckles up and down someone's ribcage, usually accompanied by a shout of "TIGER PAW". very painful, and can be used to great effect in a rugby scrum
when the scrum broke up 3 of the other players were rolling around holding their ribs, victims of the dreaded TIGER PAW
by Tom the Enchanter May 09, 2005
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