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1) The best graphing calculator for Algebra I through Calculus.

2)The easiest way to play games in school. Download specially made games for your TI-83 off the net or from another TI-83 and tell your teacher you're doing math homework when you're really PWNING your friend at space invaders
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
This is cool stuff for me..afcourse for every one else too.
cheat in test with TI 83 calc.
by Alps February 19, 2004
Calculator for lazy students in high school who can't graph, want to play addictive and fun games in class and/or want to cheat on their tests.

Graphing calculators make students lazy and makes them insecure about their innate potential.
Average student: Wait! I can't graph y=x and y=sin(x) without my trusty Ti-83.

Intelligent, hard-worknig, and confident student: graphs the equations long before the average student keys in the first equation on his/her graphing calculator.
#math #calculator #equation #lazy #high school
by RC April 06, 2006
An inferior Graphing calculator. The Casio 9850 is far superior.
I laugh when my friends drop their TI and the cheap ass battery cover breaks and the batts fall out and all their games are lost.
by The Big H February 19, 2005
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