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Used on the train (usually subway, metro, etc.) - when the train starts to pull off at your destination station, this is probably what you say to someone you're talking to to tell it "this is where I get off."
A: So are you just visiting New York or you work...
B: I'm sorry, but... this is me. I gotta go, nice meeting you, though.
A: Well, okay. Hope to see you again soon.
B: Ditto.
by VagaccidentOnMyMasturbacation March 04, 2015
When people are escorting you back to a place you need to go, this is something you can say to indicate that you have arrived.
"So this is your house, huh?"

"Yeh...THIS IS ME. Wanna see mah room?"

by Joshiro007 February 21, 2003

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