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While straddling your woman's upper thighs, you generously pour talcum powder into the deep into the crack of her ass, extend your arms out and kick head back in a supremely messianic pose. You pause for a few seconds and then begin bringing your hands together, simultaneously smacking the sides of her buttcheeks in triumph, causing a cloud of talcum powder to burst into the air as you arc your arms upward and outward in homage to Lebron James.
Nothing livens up an NBA Playoff Party like a live demonstration of The Witness.
by B. Gus Richards May 18, 2009
When you walk into a Taco Bell bathroom and you see a big fuckin shit floating in the toliet.
Little bobby had a taco supream, a burrito supream, nacho surpream, and a soft taco supream. Lil bobby took a big shit in a public bathroom, and didnt flush, in order for the next faggot to use the shitter they would be a "witness".
by AlleyViper December 08, 2004
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