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A rapid pelvic thrusting motion that causes immense multiple orgasms.
After giving her THE BONDS, she couldn't take it any longer and started hyperventilating.
by GFB August 16, 2005
The practice of walking into a corporate building with a hangover fart brewing and riding the lift up and down until you have generated enough gastro international fortitude to arm yourself with a ready to go flatulence bomb. As you approach the ground floor begin singing the intro tune to James Bond and as the lift opens, deploy your secret weapon. Take three paces forward, then spin and draw your finger guns at the new occupants of the lift. as the the doors slide shut yell the final notes of the intro song to the horrified grimace of your victims.
"On my last day of work I gave my boss the bond as he saw. Me out" - terminated employee

"He bonded us, And we have nowhere to run"
- lift traveller
#fart #techniques #cunning #elaborate #secret service
by Someoneyoucantrust January 18, 2015
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