Gay, boatlike, mongerman, who has no hooks, bate or torial. Loves to surf and eat lobster (while he pees on it)
That kid loves fishing so much, you'd think he was The Bag.
by Justin Timberlake April 22, 2005
Top Definition
something no one except the two people who created it will ever understand. great to end an argument, even if you yourself do not understand.
Alena:you dont pay enough attention to me in bed!
Spencer: well you dont understand about the bag you poop face!
by deathzombee April 25, 2011
Phrase that is exclaimed several times in the German movie "Run Lola Run" when Manni leaves a bag containing 100 000 Marks on the Subway train. It is stolen by a homeless man and Manni is fucked!
Sick movie.
"The Bag!"
by Diego July 29, 2003
Noun. Synonym for nutsack.
"You can catch me on the west coast, with a fly ass stripper tied to my bed posts, lookin like Alicia Keyes on her knees, lickin <i>the bag</i>, just for a freeze" - The Transplants
by Danny Delinquent July 14, 2004
The title given to a professional leecher or thief. Usually found conducting mindless bootlegging through the Internet on high-speed connections.
The BAG used KaZaA to download Mp3's off the Internet.
Baghdad isn't in pakistan you fool! It's in Iraq!
The guy above me is obviously an AMERICAN!
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
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