Taylor gang, originated by Wiz Khalifa. Originally meant get high, get drunk, and get money. People thought it was a real gang, that did real gang stuff. Now used by stupid white kids that think there "hood." Taylor Gang is a joke.
idiot kid: Taylor gang or kill yourself bro
smart kid: Taylor gang or shut the f*** up. queer
idiot kid: TGOD
smart kid: OFWGKTA
by yhnujm July 04, 2011
Top Definition
Famous rapper Wiz Khalifa came up with this term. TGOD stands for Taylor Gang Or Die, witch means; you either join his gang named "Taylor Gang" or go kill yourself. This can be heard mostly in his latest mix-tape "Burn After Rolling"
Wiz Khalifa: TGOD boyyyy, Taylor Gang or go kill yourself maan.
by Adam Osmand "Bowzer" February 28, 2010
The good old daze
I remember when I used to wear an onion on my belt. You could keep your pants up, and have a snack too. Ahhhh, TGOD. Now, it's all kids and their rap music.
by Burt Turgler May 20, 2016
TGOD gang is a gang led by the drug dealer taylor green, tgod is short for TaylorGreenOverDose. Or defined as such a over dode condition, over dosing like taylor green is called TGOD'ing
Hey, did you pull a TGOD? Thats pimp bruh.

I can never overdose like taylor green does, so i dont know what a TGOD feels like.

"TGOD Gang nigga"
by ODGangFinesser March 26, 2014
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