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The Great Martis
TGM - A term coined by Clark Kent to describe monumental faux pas or incredibly bad decisions or under estimations.
by perdant June 16, 2010
stands for
Team Gay Man
the football players slapped each others asses which made them TGM!
by bob-mon April 08, 2007
"Too Good Man" , as in to agree with someones superior or Dominant Behavior or action that they are doing. Stating in which they are "Too Good" for them and themselves. Usually done with friends or counterparts.
Statement 1: " Hey I got a high score on this Game"

Reply: "Oh TGM"

Statement 2: "I bought the last Meat Pie"

Reply:" TGM, I wanted one as well!"
by C.S is TGM June 17, 2009
Unspeakable amounts of ownage.
Man kronos, you just got wtf tgm'd.
by Anonymous October 24, 2003

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