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ACRONYM for Thank God For Me
TGFM, otherwise you wouldn't know that the Spice Girls had a new album coming out.
by ANDREWtheGREAT:) November 23, 2007
6 19
Total Gay Frat Move. Any frat-type act done by a gay male.
A: What did you do last night.

J: I made that Cuban otter my slam-piece. He got a one-way ticket to pound town and then made me a sandwich.

A: That's TGFM, bro.
by Sperrys & Costas February 28, 2011
19 15
An acronym that means: Thank God For Marijuana
Everything is so fucked right now. My life sucks. TGFM!
by stonerzzz September 26, 2011
6 5
Too gay for me
Girl: did you see the new twilight movie?
Boy: Nah, its TGFM
by Smart Girl that hates twilight November 08, 2011
2 2
It is an acronym for: Thank God For Mexicans
(Friend one): I really love these tacos!
(Friend two): yeah, me too.
(Friend one): TGFM
by siempre vive la familia November 12, 2010
12 14
Total Gay Frat Move
"Hey bro, Did you hear about Andrew and Joey?" "Nah brah, what's up?" "They went on a hunting trip, but instead of bagging a deer, they bagged each other!" "Hahahaha, I knew it! TGFM!"Hahahaha, I knew it! TGFM!
by TheMinerSide February 28, 2011
12 16