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TFTFY stands for "There, Fixed That For You."
Person 1: Good grief. Why don't O'Reilly & Olbermann just whip out their dicks & have a big, gay swordfight and get it over with?
Person 2: I'm for that, it would be a ratings winner.
Person 3: >ratings wiener. TFTFY
by sirlame.com October 25, 2008

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1. "There, fixed that for you." Used on message boards when you quote someone but change what they said to make it funny or true.

2. "Titty fuck titty fuck yeah!" Used in anticipation of or when describing the act of titty fucking.
Person A: I ate some steak last night, it was so good!
Person B: "I ate some cock last night" - Person A
Person A: >:(

I'm meeting Laura tonight and she's got double Ds! TFTFY!
by astromanguy May 12, 2009