Short for "Thanks for the info!".

Meant to be used sarcastically when a person spontaneously tells you something you do not need to and/or want to know.
Hosé: "I had the most horrible diarrhea yesterday."
You: "TFI!" or "Thanks for the info!" (with a sarcastically surprised look)
by J4NN333 January 12, 2010
Top Definition
Abbreviation for "Thanks for invite."
Lawrence Chu: I am going to watch a movie by myself.
by PhAndrew May 30, 2011
Too Fucking Intimate.
Too Freakin' Intimate.
Too F'n Intimate.
Various situations apply. Such as a group of friends are together and one of them is telling a story and provides extra intimate details about a person. That's TFI!

Or someone opens a bag of chips and is sharing it and one of the others double dips and/or stick his hand in the bag to get more chips after licking his fingers.
That's TFI!

Or A person talks about their bathroom habits or their underwear preference with coworkers.
That's TFI!

Or A coworker calls another coworker from the bathroom or bathtub.
That's TFI!
by Fryguy February 03, 2007
Total Fucking Idiot. Term that should be used to describe terrorists who blow themselves up in public places, instead of "suicide bomber." Such a person should be treated with absolutely no respect.
Our top story tonight... A TFI killed at least 20 people in a busy street in Bagdad today.
by FoodWordSwim September 18, 2009
"Too Fucking Important"

usually used when describing someone that is full of themselves or an annoying celebrity.
girl 1 "omg Miley cyrus is amazing"
girl 2 "what are yu talkin bout bitch? She is tfi"
by Sisimiller July 21, 2010
"The Fuck-Its"
that moment when you just dont give a damn about a situation; what ever happens, happens.
" i was been spazzin about the test all week, but when the time came, i got TFI and just chose C for everything
by Jaquez Ghostov October 17, 2011
anacrynm for Think Fuck It; an expression often quoted by followers, supporters and advocates of Don't-give-a-fuckism, a state of apathy or indifference.
1st person: "We're gonna be late if you don't get a move on". 2nd person: "Hey, TFI"
by buzz_11 October 24, 2010
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