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1. A synonym for TEDsters, from a third-party observer who may not bear positive feelings towards the aforementioned individuals.

2. A specialized form of noobtard obsessed with TED talks. Said noobs often think more highly of themselves than they really are, based on the fact that they like conferences requiring the social acumen of an Aspie and the attention span of a Twitter addict.

3. An under-confident individual hidden in the comfort of the Ivory Tower of academia desperately craving overexposure and fame via lousy contemporary social media technology, in an attempt to strengthen their fragile yet inflated ego.

4. An Asperger's/Aspie who gathers among other aspies and rejoice about ideas of innovation, entertainment, and design, but truly looks up to the trend-setting conference only because it occasionally showcases actual academic celebrities such as Richard Dawkins and ├╝bernerd Bill Gates.

5. People obsessed with a silly, allegedly intellectually-motivated conference that once gave 100,000$ to Bono, a talentless, nose-picking Irish dwarf who nevertheless has more money in tax shelters than the gross domestic income of some third-world countries. The aforementioned individual was also granted a "wish to change the world", which he should have used towards learning how to say the number 4 in Spanish (Bono is famous for his mathematical skills in Spanish: "uno! dos! tres! catorce!").
Look, Sarah Silverman just said the word "retard" in front of TEDtards, and they were offended!

Why attend a whole class on some serious, in depth topic at university, when you can watch an 18-minute spiel about global warming, wireless electricity, and other bullshit!?
by The Goblin King May 06, 2010
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