TBW- Total Body Workout. This is the workout all frat stars and college studs follow before they pump their fists before a frat formal and socials with sororities. Frat stars think this is the fastest legal way to get big before they start bonging beers and ripping bongs.
Adam: Bro, I want to get big before that big frat formal of ours. I want my date to get wet looking at me.

Tim: This means it is time for TBW son.
by broski2121 December 09, 2012
Top Definition
Tiny Brained Wiper.

From Monty Python "You tiny brained wiper of other people's bottoms." A pejorative used to designate a person who is obviously worse than an ass-kisser.
That Jerard has no dignity, he's such a TBW.
He will do anything to get ahead.
by TheKnightWhoSaidNi June 21, 2007
Thick Beautiful Woman
looking for that sexy, fun, freaky TBW
by eugen926 October 09, 2010
Throw back when
Tbw he dated her
by Pleaseee June 22, 2016
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