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TBW- Total Body Workout. This is the workout all frat stars and college studs follow before they pump their fists before a frat formal and socials with sororities. Frat stars think this is the fastest legal way to get big before they start bonging beers and ripping bongs.
Adam: Bro, I want to get big before that big frat formal of ours. I want my date to get wet looking at me.

Tim: This means it is time for TBW son.
by broski2121 December 09, 2012
Tiny Brained Wiper.

From Monty Python "You tiny brained wiper of other people's bottoms." A pejorative used to designate a person who is obviously worse than an ass-kisser.
That Jerard has no dignity, he's such a TBW.
He will do anything to get ahead.
by TheKnightWhoSaidNi June 21, 2007
Thick Beautiful Woman
looking for that sexy, fun, freaky TBW
by eugen926 October 09, 2010