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Akronym: "To Be Negative" Used when clarifying your sarcasm or cynical distain for someone in a blog post or comment.
TBN: "Well, you cant really expect anyone to care about your breakup...because you cheated on her twice, yah Moron."
by Fabio Cline August 28, 2012
to be nasty usually used on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.
"TBN I want dat ass ova here so I can make you feel real good"
by Bird11 January 13, 2015
Tough break, nigga.
A - Do you have any Steak n Shakes up there?
B - No.
by gmml December 10, 2010
Taking bitches niggas. This word is used when you want to take someone from another person to have them for yourself. This word is also the name of a global group called TBN that was originated in 2014.
You are always TBN!
by Beautiull January 31, 2015
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