Tucson Blood Killas. Founded by the Tucson Crips. known for their voilent killings against the bloods
Fuck that shit i am a TBK Motha Fucka
by Super D and Big John March 20, 2007
tbk means total body kiss. It is a type of foreplay where the object is to kiss one kiss per square inch of your lover body.
After a warm bath and a few drops of honey or olive oil in special places. Lay your lover in bed and start at finger tips or toes and work your way to their crotch. But EVERY square inch must receive one kiss.tbk is a real turn on for your lover
by viking48 November 17, 2008
Stands for "Terribad Kid," which is a video gaming term referring to a player who is terribly bad. See also: BK.
"You are wearing PvP blues, you have cheap gems socketed, your talent spec is points randomly thrown around, and you haven't enough gold to buy all of your abilities. You, my good sir, are a TBK." (WoW Example.)
by STV-0726 August 16, 2008
To masturbate onto a friends personal belongings, I.E. an blanket or a toilet seat
"DUDE, that kid TBK'd my fuckin toilet seat."
by nfoldena March 22, 2007
TBK is a skate krew, meaning TEA BAG KREW. The krew was originated by Dorian Davies and Daniel Voight in Rome, Italy. The Krew's motto is "Were taking over your area". The Krew chills at Stadio Olimpico, and we ALWAYS keep it gangsta, whether were puffin a capone, or sippin on a faxe/heineken/adelscott. The Krew also chills at campo, and we always hit the sciam to smoke it up.

Founding Members:
The Tbk always keeps it real
by Dorian Davies January 04, 2007

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