tbg means token black guy
There are many variations of it like
TGG - Token glasses guy
TEG- Token emo guy
TBD - Token black dog
And my favourite TDM - Token drunk mess
''TBG is love!'' or ''OMG TDM please stop singing''
by Breda June 14, 2008
Top Definition
if you take your clothes off and let your girlfriend touch you when you have sex, then you’re a TBG.
as said from Fridae. Reference to lesbians
in Hong Kong, the girls asked me whether I was TB or TBG.
by little_one September 12, 2007
"Token Black Girl" / "Token Black Guy"

Essentially means being the ONLY black girl or guy among your white friends. We embrace It. We love It.
Person: You talk white. How many black friends do you have?
TBG: Lol. I'm a TBG, silly!
by tokenafrica. September 06, 2010
True Born Gaming - A community of PC gamers formed while playing Battlefield 2142. They have since branched into several games including all CoD and BF games.
TBG is by far the best PC gaming community.
by RageQuit4U December 25, 2010
THE BIG GAY. A nickname that should only be used in extreme cases of friends 'gaying out' of a night on the town with the boys.
"Yo mike! we're picking you up and going to the strip club!"

"sorry bros, i cant- i have to talk to my girlfriend, Kalon on the phone."

"WTF mike?? you really are TBG!"
by LiseM October 24, 2009
Abreviation for "To busy gaming"
Joe: I gotta take a dump
Bill: Well go take one
Joe: Nah, TBG man
by Wjoordt June 18, 2013
Around Hong Kong, TBG is "tomboy girl", a femme lesbian. TB is "tomboy", a butch lesbian.
LOL so r u a TB or a TBG? And can i watch?
by cherry_girl October 27, 2010
Abbreviation for The Brandy Group.

The TGB is an unaffiliated group of individuals who either jointly conspire to or engage in individual acts of slander and liable to undermine the authority of or destroy the reputation of The Raleigh Strangler.

The group derives it's name from reputed leader, Cogniac "Brandy" M.
"I don't care what you heard. That was a rumor created by the TBG. The Raleigh Strangler is in jail. It couldn't have been him."
by RhettX3 January 09, 2008
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