tits by default. when a fat chick talks about how big her boobs are you say she has tbd.
"My boobs are huge"-Zoe
"Your also fat"-Emma
**cough cough** "TBD" **cough cough**-Emma
by tkmtqueen July 04, 2011
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Acronym for "To Be Determined". Commonly used in business.
Should we close this deal or not, we're not sure yet right?
Answer: TBD
by Eric July 08, 2004
To Be Deleted
This tumblr text post is tbd
by nessaaaaaaaaaaa January 11, 2013
A T.B.D. is a action that one takes when they go to taco bell and eat a lot of food and have to pay a visit to the bathroom and "blow it up" before they leave.
"Oooowie!! my stomach aint for the right, i gotta take that T.B.D.!!"
by theeducatoralwaysrightdude January 15, 2012
Acronym, standing for Titties by Default. Refers to the massive protrusions of fatty tissue present in the chest area of overweight women, and occasionaly men. Not to be confused with BAT's (bomb-ass titties), Titties by Default are not composed of breast tissue, but rather an inevitable dispersion of fat cells throughout the bodies of those afflicted. While TBD's are responsible for giving fat women a false sense of confidence and self worth, they are equally capable of deceiving unsuspecting onlookers, and masquerading as BAT's.
Stel: "Holy shit, that girl eating the nacho plate to herself has PHENOMENAL breasts. I can't stop staring"

Me "No dude, they're TBD's. If I was 3 bills I would have phenomenal breasts too."
by porneggs November 09, 2010
Tipsy borderline drunk. The familiarly affectionate period when you're having a good time but have yet to spewed on yourself/others, effectively wrecking their night. The potentially unfortunately period where you remember what you did enough to regret it. The period you aspire to, every time you go out (and somehow manage to surpass). The best feeling of all time.
Hungover: Big night?
Recovered: I was TBD, da best.
Hungover: Good times. I don't think I've ever been TBD. It's either one or the other.
Recovered: You're missing out. Gain some control, man.
by Adamlee December 15, 2013
Acronym for "totally balls deep".
So I was TBD in this cat right...
by Drift_91 September 09, 2012

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