short for Totally Bitchin'
God damn Ashlee and Kat are so TB I wish I was as cool as them!
by Kizzat October 27, 2006
Abreviation for 'teeny boppers', aka thsoe girls dat r realy really girly
There is a scientific term for it.
"OMG i broke a nail!"
"ur SUCH a tb, brooke"
by pseudonym. March 11, 2005
Means Taco Bell that goes to your ass!!
Brooke's but is definally TB!!
by shfguhf April 03, 2006
abbreviation for "thanks berts"
person 1: i will lend you some money
person 2: tb
by berts September 17, 2005
Tb means team bitch. you call somone this on your sports team if you dont like them or they suck at the sport. or just bc they are a little bitch
Coach: george go pick up the balls
George: ok. yo TB go get the balls
Dustin: im not the Tb guys
George: yes you are everyone hates you and suck...TB
by Abdul rahad December 02, 2005
taco bell; ubiquitous nasty-ass food joint
you know, TB does catering for large parties
by Anonymous December 08, 2001
TB stands for tru brothaz.
they are tb from westside nYAH
by haHIA March 13, 2005
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