A tease reference for anybody with the ability to teleport, or the tendancy to appear out of nowhere. In this context it is short-term for 'Teleporting Bastard'; Also unrelatedly short-term for tuberculosis.
I.E. Scorpion of the game Mortal Kombat(MK) is an example of a TB in video games.
by Srž Tanjur July 23, 2006
Short for "Taco Bell" Best fast food place ever
Lets go hit up TB and get some of the best food ever.
by l2yan April 16, 2006
stands for torrentbytes, which is a huge internet bittorrent filesharing site
Hey, did you see, Star Wars was on tb before it was in the cinema
by unzelfunzel May 29, 2005
Total Broadcast. Occurs when a song that was once uncommon becomes mainstream.
When I saw 'Let's Dance To Joy Division' on MTV, I quickly diagnosed it with TB.
by whataworldtoday August 05, 2008
team bop; a group of girls that are not really bops but are referred as bops and don't care so they just soak it up.
Maya is the capitan of TB, but Nicole, Sophie, Kayli, Kasey, Kelsey, Chelsea, Patricia, Hannah, Ally, and various other people are it in.
by Mariiiiiia November 05, 2007
An acronym describing a good set of tits on a women (two beauts).
Marty: Man, that chick has tb!
Matt: WTF is that??
Marty: Two beauts.
by Matt C. N May 29, 2007
short for Totally Bitchin'
God damn Ashlee and Kat are so TB I wish I was as cool as them!
by Kizzat October 27, 2006

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