Acronym for the term "turd blossom" when it is used to refer to your girlfriend's little brother. Used interchangably with "teebs" and "teebster".
"The T.B. has been smoking pot again."
by HarryBlazac February 15, 2008
it means thinking about...and you put the persons name
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
true banger, a t.b. may or may not be a player but he or she definitely knows how to get down in bed. often used to describe african-american men.
She complains about her boyfriend but in the end she's still with him because he's a t.b.

by Jamila C. January 13, 2006
Totally bang-able, the Banger
He is TB (totally bang-able)

She is TB (totally bang-able)

He hits anything he sees, he is TB (the banger.)
by Teleport Style March 16, 2010
tuberculosis. what you get when you get food at TB.
I'm feeling a little queasy - maybe it was that jizz burrito I had at TB the other day
by Anonymous December 08, 2001
An abbreviation in pot-smoking culture for "tolerance break." It is a period of time designated to free frequent cannabis smokers of the tolerance that builds up after long periods of use. There is no certain time for a TB. For some lighter smokers a few days does the trick. For heavier smokers, sometimes a week or two is better.
"Hey Lee, you wanna come over now and smoke a few bowls out of my new 4ft bong?"

"Uhhh..not today, I'm kinda busy."

"But Lee, it's that indoor grown Purple Kush my cousin gets from the medical dispensary."

"Ok Jerry, I'm going to just say it. I'm taking a TB. And nothing is going to change that."

"Oh really? Did I mention it is crossed with Sour Diesel?"

"Fuck, pack up a bowl then. 2 days is a long enough TB for me anyways."
by GanjaToker420 December 21, 2009
when a girl is fat it looks like she has two butts
that girls so big it looks like she has TB
by hurricaneman December 28, 2009
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