talkin bout
K: "TB"
A: "Talkin Bout"
K: # Finger Waggle
by AranL April 11, 2011
A phrase meaning "Typical biddy". Biddy ofcourse meaning female. the phrase is used when a female(biddy), does something that usually only females do or when they a female does something that usually annoys a man. this phrase is not limited to males, females can use this to describe other females.
Guy 1: "Yo, can you believe that chick is driving 40 in a 55?!?!"
Guy 2: "TB"

Girl 1: "Does this outfit make me look fat??? i really wanna meet a hott guy at the club!"
Girl 2: "TB"
by KandEdawg!! August 22, 2010
The Bitch.

A way of referring to a person you don't like without them knowing you're talking bad about them.
TB is such a dumb fuck, I cannot stand her at all!
by jgfrctfvygbuhn August 13, 2011
acronym for tank body. Someone with a tankish body has no attractive qualities, flat from the front and back. TB's are usually really insecure about them selves, therefore messing around with guys alot.
EW its a TB ! lets dip.
by ganjanatory May 26, 2011
Acronym for the term "turd blossom" when it is used to refer to your girlfriend's little brother. Used interchangably with "teebs" and "teebster".
"The T.B. has been smoking pot again."
by HarryBlazac February 15, 2008
it means thinking about...and you put the persons name
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
true banger, a t.b. may or may not be a player but he or she definitely knows how to get down in bed. often used to describe african-american men.
She complains about her boyfriend but in the end she's still with him because he's a t.b.

by Jamila C. January 13, 2006

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