An individual of oriental descent who has embraced the appealing ghetto lifestyle.
Jack (about a bootylicious honey): Damn, baby got back!
Jermaine affirms that Jack is a taxicab.
#twinkie #white chocolate #oreo #taxi cab #egg
by johnny cizzle February 21, 2007
Top Definition
Similar to the "shocker". Instead of 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink. There's 1 in the pink (the taxi driver) and 2 ini the stink (the passengers)
I gave Brady's mom a taxi cab last night.
#taxi #taxi cab #cab #shocker #the shocker
by tbiddle May 24, 2006
1) A whorehouse or brothel for gay men, primarally a European or Australian term. Also commonly know as 'taxi club'.
Ex 1: I thought the place was a club, but when that guy in fishnet started coming on to me, I realized it was realyl just a taxi cab!

You mean a taxi club? For reals? Man, that's awkward.
#brothel #whorehouse #trick #hoe #prostitute
by Anonymous 4 A Reason May 09, 2009
when a resenbly, ok HUGE fat man wears a yellow rain coat and is mistaken for a taxi cab, aka a gary
i need a taxi cab, TAXI....TAXI!....oh sorry gary..
#gary #taxi cab #fat #man #yes
by hjhgkgb.mhkjgh.kjutytfjhui6rfu January 23, 2009
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