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The generation born in 2008, whos children and children's children will inherit massive debt as a result of TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, and other inneffective bailouts/stimulus packages during the Bush and Obama presidencies.
We are TARP Babies
by asikjbdhgfuhu December 10, 2010
-- A baby or group of plastic baby dolls who have been subjected to nuclear radiation and now live beneath the cover of your bbq. The symptoms include doctor-like superiority, duck feet and chupacabra tattoos. Often wearing dirty white leotards or canapes/ other petite cakes.
Like scene kids, they rub dirt on their bodies for dramatic effect. I love my tarp babies.
A tarp baby is a very social creature. Tarp babies come out at night. (to play)Don't let them in the screen door, they will snort your coffee and use your brains as intestines.
by stalkerbarbie August 26, 2008
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