fat spelled backwards, used for someone that's fat or eats a lot
fat kid: whats up guys?
me:sup taf
fat kid: STOP CALLING ME TAF GOD DAMNIT *eats a bag of doritos"
me: ....fuckin taf
by pcs d#4 June 03, 2007
Tired as fuck. Exhausted.
Took a nap in my truck at lunch... still TAF.
by kar bomb October 11, 2005
Tokyo Anime Fair
Dude #1: check out this link: "Fullmetal Alchemist TAF 2009 Trailer NEW"

Dude #2: What's TAF mean?

Dude #1: Tokyo Anime Fair.
by aikomishimatsu May 01, 2009
"try and fail"
"You know I won't be able to - I'll just taf."
by Pacman5000 March 19, 2010
TAF is an acronym for Total Age Fail. This is a term that defines what happens when a user comes in a chat room that has an age restriction, and he/she is under the required age to be in said room.
TAF for that user, banned.
by AdamRocked December 06, 2010
Acronym: Terminal Aerodrome Forecast

The international standard code format for terminal forecasts issued for airports.
KPDX (Portland Intl.) is one the few large airports in the area that issues a TAF.
by jcreek December 03, 2007
A paradoxical acronym, short for Tipsy As Fuck. Used
frat boy: hey what r u doin tonight?

asian girl: i'm TAF

frat boy: what?

asian girl: tipsy as fuuuuuck
by tafazngrl March 31, 2011
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