Thirsty As Fuck
Yo that woman is TAF
by bowdini February 28, 2015
Thick as f**ck. Used to describe someone being stupid without them knowing.
She is t.a.f! or Just said out loud as t.a.f and the target not understanding but your friends will ;D
by Matthew Zunder October 14, 2007
Abbreviation for "Turn away face". Commonly used to denounce a persons credibility or logic. To perform a "TAF" you must open your mouth very widely as if you were going to sneeze , bat your eyelids vigorously, inhale through your nostrils in a deep elongated breath, and place your hand (or any other object) with fingers held firmly together over your own mouth.
Here are a list of things one can TAF at : Your friend thinking hes cool, something undeniably stupid, your brother thinking hes good (at anything) , your mom, your sister, anyone for that matter. You can also TAF when it doesnt apply to anything really. Use it wisely
by MarinoK October 13, 2011
Territorial Army Foundation Scheme

The physical entrance test for potential TA recruits. It may vary depending on the different trades (infantry, chef, medic, etc).
I'm on my TAFS weekend this Friday
by JBF May 12, 2005
(verb) to Talk About Feelings
We're about to go TAF by the campfire, wanna join?
by sebas2mouth July 06, 2012
fat spelled backwards, used for someone that's fat or eats a lot
fat kid: whats up guys?
me:sup taf
fat kid: STOP CALLING ME TAF GOD DAMNIT *eats a bag of doritos"
me: ....fuckin taf
by pcs d#4 June 03, 2007
Tired as fuck. Exhausted.
Took a nap in my truck at lunch... still TAF.
by kar bomb October 11, 2005

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