Abbreviation for "Turn away face". Commonly used to denounce a persons credibility or logic. To perform a "TAF" you must open your mouth very widely as if you were going to sneeze , bat your eyelids vigorously, inhale through your nostrils in a deep elongated breath, and place your hand (or any other object) with fingers held firmly together over your own mouth.
Here are a list of things one can TAF at : Your friend thinking hes cool, something undeniably stupid, your brother thinking hes good (at anything) , your mom, your sister, anyone for that matter. You can also TAF when it doesnt apply to anything really. Use it wisely
#nubcake #nub #lol #umad? #nick
by MarinoK October 13, 2011
Top Definition
Tits Ass Face
TAF is a word used usually my males to rate a female's main features on a scale of 0 - 10. When TAFing, you may pretty much TAF any female (whether in a movie, walking down the street, etc.). If a female is not worth TAFing, they are considered as unTAFable (usually those who have 2 or more ratings under 3).
Jimmy: Yo! TAF that girl
Daniel: 5 4 8
#taf #tits #ass #face #sexual appeal
by RoflCopterGG June 14, 2011
Tight As Fuck
that game was TAF
#badass #tight #ba #hard #legit
by nahhhhh July 10, 2008
Fat backwards, meaning that the person is extra fat.
Nicholas you're so taf.
#taf #taffer #tafferjohn #fat #fatman
by Bruh24 May 31, 2015
True As Fuck. An add on to the already standing reply "true" meaning one agrees with something overwhelmingly
Katie: Yo, let's head to the movies before it gets dark
Bob: T.A.F.
#true #agreement #agree #false #untrue
by brigs October 13, 2014
1.)An acronym meaning Take A Fifth
2.)To take a fifth of alcohol, preferably Bacardi 151
Tate: "Yo pat, TAF! "
Patrick: "Will do!"
#151 #taf #bacardi #fifth #t.a.f.
by Tate and Pat November 04, 2005
Tired as fuck
"Jamey wore me out in bed last night. I'm TAF!"
by TwoTats January 22, 2016
Thirsty As Fuck
Yo that woman is TAF
#bodine #gatorade #dehydrated #attention #look
by bowdini February 28, 2015
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