an open order of items to be paid for in total later, such as drinks ordered from a bar.
short for "tabulation".
a pint of guiness for me, a smirnoff ice for the lady...and shots of jack for everyone!

on my tab please...!
by ColdOne February 02, 2005
A Tab is essentially a girl who treats hook ups like a restaurant tab. The list of the people she has fucked just gets longer and longer...
That's a HUGE tab! You better watch out for STD's!
by DRICH4444 March 27, 2010




All that good stuff.
"You got any weed tonight?"

"Not tonight, just some tab."


by suckonmyearswithyournose August 04, 2009
Acronym for Trick Ass Bitch
A slutty, annoying, bitchy, fatass person all the way around.
Someone who is "rather tricky"
Quinn: (silence)
Kori: "Trick Ass Bitch!"
Quinn: "Get Out!"
Quinn: (mutters) "She's the TAB"
by Treasure of Imma Weiner July 10, 2008
tab tab- noun, verb, tabbed, tab-bing

1. text - a - bitch. The act of sending a text message to a girl with the intention of pursuing a sexual relationship.
" I was going to call that girl I met at the bar last night, but I tabbed her instead. "
by Ike Zinnerman April 18, 2008
To tab something, generally food or drink this is when someone will have something ie a drink a friend will say the word tab therefore if the person is going to give any of this object away he is likely to give it to th tabber
Dave: This is a damn good coke

Dan: TAB!

Dave: I suppose you cant have some
by Dave Carr December 05, 2007
To have no logic in what you are saying; as a words, terms or phrases are used incorrectly.
mike: see u made me FORGOT
bill: lmao man dats a tab...dat makes no sense
john:'s u made me FORGET...kmt
by eastLDN November 22, 2007
short version of the colloquial phrase "trick ass bitch"
That tab just stole my crack money!
by Mekerkat August 27, 2007

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