an open order of items to be paid for in total later, such as drinks ordered from a bar.
short for "tabulation".
a pint of guiness for me, a smirnoff ice for the lady...and shots of jack for everyone!

on my tab please...!
by ColdOne February 02, 2005
tab tab- noun, verb, tabbed, tab-bing

1. text - a - bitch. The act of sending a text message to a girl with the intention of pursuing a sexual relationship.
" I was supposed to see Jane tonight, but I tabbed her to let her know I couldn't make it. "

"I just got a raging tab."
by Ike Zinnerman April 18, 2008
term for loritabs (pills)
Damn, i just snorted two tabs. They were 10's too !!
by chey l. February 18, 2008
Tired Ass Bitch
A woman who has nothing to offer.
A tab is short for tired ass bitch.
This tab called me again to borrow money when she hasn't even paid back the money she owed me from before.
by Ms.Riff4U July 27, 2015
The act of "Alt-Tabbing" out of whatever program you are in on your computer and going to go get high. Most commonly used among teenage gamers.
Bill, lets tab real quick.
by Kirig November 09, 2012
A word used to describe porn.
Dude, let's watch some tabs.
by Pikey67 July 16, 2011
Tall ass Bitch
Wow! Desiree is a TAB.
by Roger353 March 29, 2010


You say this to someone who is not being very nice. Fairly simple idea.
Boy: Hey you wanna go out with me?
Girl: ewwww no your lame dude
Boy (aside): What a f*cking TAB
by PatrickB(the hot one) June 01, 2009

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