an open order of items to be paid for in total later, such as drinks ordered from a bar.
short for "tabulation".
a pint of guiness for me, a smirnoff ice for the lady...and shots of jack for everyone!

on my tab please...!
by ColdOne February 02, 2005
Titties, Ass, & Beaver - more commonly known as a female
Z: Lets hit the clubs and find some T.A.B.

Y: I'm down, havent had that in a hot minute, sadly I've been in a dry-spell
by thedownsouthmacD February 09, 2009
a small bag or marijuana. usualy about 1 joint worth
yo man i just got a tab. lets smoke
by 123fhfhf75 December 31, 2010
An accidental mix up of words or letters
ohh, thats a tab! (par cark - instead of car park)
by PebbleDash93 November 04, 2010
A Tab is a tentacled girlgamer who survives off of lolcats, Neil Gaiman books, Epica, anime, and pianos. She pretends to be bad-ass by playing FPS games until 4 in the morning but in covert fashion, only accompanied by her beast of a laptop, she fawns over figure skating then gawks about the beauty and sensuality she just witnessed on her blog; thus resulting in a fail. Tabs are also known to fail by making irrational attempts to get into Epica concerts despite being under the age of majority. Most importantly, this creature, hailing from a tiny subarctic village, generally gets pwned by sea prawns at all walks of life.
Was that a Tab I just saw in Subway playing the penis game with that super hot guy Ian?
by Sea-Prawn March 19, 2010
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