The name of a town in new zealand
yo gman lets go to ta
by TA Phantom May 16, 2010
scouse word for thank you
dats boss, ta kidda
by scouse&proud July 14, 2008
acronym for TOWN ASSHOLE, often used to describe the outcast individual who doesn't conform with social and moral standards
Josh didn't donate any money, he's like the TA.
by lance vuongesntein November 19, 2005
Acronym for "teacher's aid." Synonym for teacher's pet.
Mr. Johnson's TA is such a geek. What a fucking boner-biter.
by big_mikes_subs April 16, 2005
See also toaster apprentice.
"A person in a position of technical responsibility who cannot be trusted with a task as simple as making toast without setting the house on fire."
"Don't let Don work on that new router, he's a TA".
by Uncle Wienie February 18, 2004
Mystical unicorn who is often associated with a tight ass and likes to eat snottle cront on toast, which is only grown on illegal Mexican plantations owned by carlos wiley and his best friends paco paolo. lives in a castle in Greenland.
TA is in my pants right now.
by zschlerqeena pinch March 16, 2007
Trance Addict, one addicted to COR Whoring, Armin sucking, Armin hating, bitching, back slapping, solo drinking and saying PICS OR STFU.
"I saw a great thread on how great Armin is the TA's wereflipping from love to hate like a fucking skitzo.
by NotDervishAnywayThatsForSure March 14, 2005
tounge action (as in a kiss)
They hooked up last night.. plent of TA!!
by jane doe March 08, 2005

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