The name of a town in new zealand
yo gman lets go to ta
by TA Phantom May 16, 2010
A lazy man/woman's way to say thank you.
Betty: "I did that favor you asked for."
Sam: "Ta."
Betty: "Ta yourself!" Say Thank you like you MEAN IT, BABY!
by PirateBetty January 21, 2011
New Zealand version of a useless individual who is unable to play sports.

Lacks confidence but shows ignorance

The beginning of a last name
Is he a Ta'avao? Definitely should be put out on the bench
by mramazing2010 August 18, 2010
abbreviation for Transactional Analysis
Isn't TA the best psychological theory ever?
by Irving January 21, 2005
fast form of to
Change outta dem cloze in ta sometin sexia
by Wolven March 28, 2003
Tight ass. Say you see some hot girl walking down the street, and you stare at her ass. And she has a hot ass, say TA. Especially if your with a girl.
"Man, look at that girls TA!"
by Toran October 13, 2007
Short for 'Ta Ta'.

Note: Saying this will mostly likely lead to a well deserved ass whipping.
I'm bouncin, ta ta.
by Jay Jay January 13, 2004
thanks alot
by psyie September 17, 2003

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