The name of a town in new zealand
yo gman lets go to ta
by TA Phantom May 16, 2010
Melbourne, FL based street gang. Punk affiliation. Some members play in local bands off and on.
All hail T.A. the Vagrants..
by vagrant 003 March 30, 2008
the awesomes; group created by jr&elaine
T.A.; wow. hella awesome :
by je l envie [elaine] November 12, 2006
Teaching Assisstant

A person who is teaching and studying at the same time, meaning bearing the brunt of both sides and survives on a more meager pay than a teacher.

Be thankful to your TA since she has to take shit from you and her professors.
by Ashwini September 13, 2007
Short for a trust abuser
Hey, your a T.A. (trust abuser]
by random_dav October 06, 2006
Urban term for 'TO'
"Im gonna walk TA da club"
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003
Short for tag along. Used to insult people with no friends.
'Hey Guys' 'Shut up you fucking TA'
by Tom Alan Green (Not real name) March 25, 2012

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