Too. Juiced. Meaning overly excited
Am TJ for that house party tomorrow
by FrizzyDee May 03, 2011
A huge douche bag. Back stabber. Pot head. Fucks anything that walks to cover up the fact they are gay. Loves going to the gym and talks about all the supplements they take and videos they watch but are tiny and will never get big. And it's all to cover up that they have a tiny penis.
G1: hey there's Tj!
G2: yeah I heard he likes dick.

G1: man I smell weed.
G2: yeah that's that douche bag Tj, he's a huge pot head.
by Adamjacobs January 27, 2012
Slang For a Fat Emu (or emo) Person
Person1: Hey david heard u had a thing for Rhonda
David: No shes another T.J
by Keejo29 February 05, 2007
A boy who is a player and talks to as many girls as he can so he can use them. He is also the biggest liar on the face of the earth. He is a very fake person and does whatever he can to stir up chaos between his friends. He also talks behind their back.
player, douche, jerk, ass, heartbreaker, TJ
by smarticalboy November 03, 2014
a total jew who always bums cigarettes............demons
that dude at the party was a tj for sure
by bringer of pie and doom....... March 05, 2010
Talented Jerker
That chick sure is a TJ.
by whizkid247 April 14, 2011
stands for thumb job. drunk girls jackin off your thumb thinkin its a penis.
put your right thumb in the air. TJ's all around!
by ktparsnips May 29, 2010
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