1997-current Jeep Wrangler.
There were several TJs on the trail last night.
by Anonymous Coward May 03, 2003
Short for thunderjugs. Enoorous breasts that bounce and jiggle.
Look at that girls TJs they have their own area code.
by Sarahq May 26, 2006
or tone job which refers to a flabby muscle that requires excercise and toning
Hey Richey your arms are getting flabby they could use a tj.
by richness239 January 04, 2010
stands for "trim job", however widely known as a member of the cross country team by the same name, who refuses to get his hair cut by more than an inch at a time.
dang, tj got the tj yet again, when is he going to cut that bowl?

i didn't want my hair too short for the semi-formal, so i got a tj.

coach told him to get a haircut, but he only got a tj, he was harassed for it.

did you pay money for that TJ?

my barber was out of town, so my mother gave me a tj.

I sware to god, if tj shows up with a tj tomorrow at practice, i'm shaving all his hair off.
by n g d December 05, 2008
A guy with a massive dick ;)
An person called TJ
by tss5897 October 25, 2011
a warrior poet.

uses words and skills as magic to trick the eye and dazzle the mind into female orgasms.

also known as teej.

leaves a trail of blood guts and entrails in his competitors wake. and that's just at the club.

TJ: one who whales one himself because chicks aren't hot enough for him.
person 1: dude i totally heard that you had a mad crazy time last night...

Person 2: yes, it was TJ
by johnanna 84 March 25, 2011
Stands for Tremendously Juicy. Implies that someone is a good catch.
That guy is so TJ, I just want to eat him up!
by luckydog2oo7 February 22, 2011
You're cute
You're funny
You're adorable
You're sweet
You're amazing
You're weird
You're lovable
You're everything I could ever want
You're mine
I love you, Tj Xavier Davis<3
by xbrennaalyse January 08, 2012

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