1997-current Jeep Wrangler.
There were several TJs on the trail last night.
by Anonymous Coward May 03, 2003
Trader Joe's; an organic and natural foods store that is quite the awesome.
Hey, man. Let's go to TJ's after this to get some organic apple sauce and low carb cereal.
by rchow November 24, 2004
A person who is usually underestimated. Can shock anyone at anytime.
I was breatheless he pulled a T.J. on me.
by R@NDY February 18, 2008
Best friend you could ever have! Will always be there for you no matter what. He'll make you go insane sometimes but in the end you laugh at it. Coolest, nicest, funny person ever.
Girl one: Did you talk to Tj?
Girl two: Who's Tj?
Girl one: the greatest friend in the world, but seriously go talk to him.
by damoj777 January 07, 2012
A blonde haired Bieber wannabe who is only capable of remembering ridiculous stories and facts, but not actually important things. Like a job that needs to get done at work.

He is the guy you see in Safeway saying very loudly, "I'm a Floozy" When in fact he doesn't know what a Floozy is.
You totally just pulled a TJ!
by I am a Mouse, yet mighty February 10, 2011
abbreviation for Twitter Jockey

a new social media maven who engages with the MTV audience and serves as a liaison between viewers and network honchos
Man, I could be a way better TJ than that loser MTV hired!
by binford6100 June 14, 2010
Trolljob = forum lingo for a faggot who has nothing better to do than be an idiot.
What a terrible TJ. That asshole has nothing better to do with his time.
by GAYMENS September 16, 2008
tj a.k.a. Twat Juice
Damn I want to get some tj from that bird.
by Bob Cob April 20, 2005

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