1997-current Jeep Wrangler.
There were several TJs on the trail last night.
by Anonymous Coward May 03, 2003
Abbreviation of Totally Jerkable. TJ! basically means that you would totally jerk off to a hottie you just saw.

Usually TJ! is said in public so the girl your talking about doesn't understand.

As you say TJ!, you must make a hand gesture of jerking off to imply that this chick is indeed Totally Jerkable.
Pervert 1: "hey, did you see that hottie with the tits?, holy shit, makes me wanna comjizzle in my pizzle pazzle"

Pervert 2: "TJ!" *hand motion*

by Tyler Ardizzle April 05, 2007
A back-stabbing, bipolar person who tends to be a dick and tries to ruin everything for his close friend(s).
OMG guys! He pulled a Tj on her and ruined her love life!
by drewryking December 23, 2010
Tongue Job... the girls equivalent of a BJ! The other half of a 69.
I told him I would give him a BJ if he gave me a TJ first, but not while I was driving!
by mcgyver007 July 18, 2012
a tool.
K: Whos that?
M: Just some clingy guy, he wont leave me alone.
K: Definitely Tj
by dracosgirl49 August 24, 2011
Too. Juiced. Meaning overly excited
Am TJ for that house party tomorrow
by FrizzyDee May 03, 2011
Someone with an amazing appearance, with a heart of gold, sweet as can be forgiving nature, whos sparkle, and whos smile lights up a room, something that leaves you in pain and wonder reminding you of pure and utter perfection and someone who will fukk u up...
There's Tj, that awesome nigga :P
by laklakalanaj December 06, 2014
Amazing & Unique are just two words that barely come close to how a TJ's personality is.
He is both a lover & a fighter.
Very athletic and attractive person.
He has a heart of gold & knows how to love.
He can make you smile before he even knows you need one & he will change the way you look at life with jsut one of his glances.
Wow, hes bad-ass... he has to be a tj
Yes, im in love... his name is tj
AYO tj pass me that ball!
by cantbuymelove October 09, 2011

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