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This is wank
awww man TIW
by merlin23 August 27, 2008

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movement no-wiper poop snaker turd
acronym for twenty-inch-walkaway. A T.I.W. is a long, unbroken turd produce when consuming large amounts of fiber or taking metamucil.
Got up, had some coffee and then headed straight to the can to lay a T.I.W.
by Werrpiece c/o B. Reilly February 29, 2008
Slang and shorthanded version of the word "TILL"
Wait tiw I get there!
by The Big A. Morrison August 18, 2007
it's like the opposite of wit...
its like tiw. yes tiw will be the word. it is tottaly tiw.
Dude 1: Hi, how are you?

Dude 2: Your mama asked me how I was last night biatch.

Dude 1: How dare you... that was so tiw!
by Minty CM October 10, 2010