1) Té- Spanish for Tea

2) Te- irish for the
mmmm, té!

mmmm, beer! I go t' te pob an drink maself silly
by Gumba+Gumba March 21, 2004
Top Definition
Thunderous erection

(comes from the novel Youth In Revolt)
Nick went to the restroom to relieve his throbbing T.E.
by Sheeni Saunders March 18, 2004
titty erection
Hannah: "Man, when I jumped in that lake I got some major TE."
Kara: "Haha yeah it was pretty damn cold"
#titty #nipple #cold water #booby #breast #hard
by trackchicky May 09, 2010
Short name for Taylor. Normally a person who is arrogant and self-centered. A "Te" usually thinks they are clever and witty, when in reality they are far from it. Difficulties of keeping a relationship is a common trait in a Te.
See that kid over there being really annoying, that's such a Te.
#taylor #te #tay #dumb #stupid
by godzilla30001 May 04, 2009
Slang for the game 'Pente'
Some friends and I were knocking back one of my finer vintages of homebrew and decided to play some Te. As usual they got their asses kicked as I am the pente master.
#pente #board game #stones #homebrew #5 in a row
by Brf June 19, 2006
the acronym for "thunderous erection" from CD Payne's book Youth in Revolt
Damn, I was thinking about her TP and I got a TE
by chris ostrom May 25, 2004
TE= Tough Enough

A WWE talent Program called Tough Enough.
Do you wanna see (TE) Tough Enough with me?
#wwe #te #tough #enough #wrestle #wrestling
by KingOfKings1045 April 11, 2011
The ssj4pure fan club
are you in TE?
Te is teh best
#te #ssj4pure #the exulted #waffles #waffle town
by Eganwo February 24, 2008
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